An extremely important update


It’s been a while, to say the least. Before you guys get worried, sad, or angry, I’m not here to say goodbye. I will simply not post that much. I know I never have. I think that blogging should be a shear pleasure, and not a responsibility, and since I’m busy with school work, singing, friends, and more, it’s causing stress and guilt at the moment. I’ll still post occasionally, because I love dolls, writing, and photography. Maybe one day this year or next year I’ll organize my life better πŸ˜‰. I love looking at your blogs and reading everything you guys post! I am not leaving! I’m just not posting as much.



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Quick Update


Before I start posting, I really, REALLY want to apologize. Something happened with my Mom and I had to help out. I wanted to post all my summer posts, and I will, but school got in the way, and I just wasn’t able to. So, today I will try to post something.

Also, I’m ending Ivy’s Digital Diary. That’s because I’m probably going to do some fake vlogs with her. They won’t be videos. I’ll take pictures of Ivy and put together some photostories that look like vlogs. Anyways, I’m going to get some posting done!


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Time to Swim!

***Notice: This is an old post from July that somehow didn’t get posted when I meant to publish it. Therefore, the introduction was written in July. Thank you.***

Hi guys! Before I began, I have to tell you guys something. When i opened my computer today to write my post, I noticed that Loren from Happy House of AG had also written a swimming post. I would like to get this straight: I did NOT copy this idea. I took these pictures about 2 weeks ago. I guess all dolls just love to swim!πŸ˜„



The girls, just relaxing by the pool.




Ivy relaxing on a pool float.


Piper’s ready to practice her backstroke!


I got this seal pool float from Dollarama, as well as the pool float that Ivy was lying on earlier and the pool itself. I got the beach ball fromΒ  Walmart.


Ivy loves sitting in the sun!


The girls moved the huge pool float out of the pool so that there was room to swim.


One last picture on the float!


The girls are waiting for their food to come!


Ivy decided to read a magazine.


Piper flipped through tunes on their MP3 player.




Ice cream! Ice cream! We all scream for ice cream!


Piper and Ivy ran into the pool for one last game of Marco Polo. The girls dried off, and then made there way home from a fun day of swimming!

Β That’s it! Hope you liked it!


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Ivy’s Summer Adventure


Yay, second post today! The garden in this post may seem very familiar. That’s because it’s the same garden as the one from the post earlier today. Also, I’m sorry that this post is so short, my camera battery died when I was shooting this photoshoot. Anyways, hope you enjoy!



What’s with my blog and climbing trees and bushes?


See what I mean?



Maybe I should just re-name my blog “The Dolls Who Annoyingly Climb Trees” πŸ˜‚


Finally! Much better!


Ivy decided to take some pictures in the garden!


That’s it for this photoshoot! Ivy had loads of fun posing for all the pictures!




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Piper’s Garden of Flowers


I’m sorry that I haven’t posted this summer. I was super busy and had limited internet access and free time. I had enough time to make about 6 posts, which I’m trying to post ALL this week. So… yeah.


Piper’s decided to help in my Grandma’s huge garden!




Her little watering can! 😍


Of course Piper had to snip all the plants that were too tall or long!


Some of the prettiest flowers in the garden.


Piper’s little boots!


Piper’s eyes are just SO gorgeous, don’t you agree?

So, that’s it for this post! Hope you liked it!


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Back to School Series Update


Yes, I’m alive! I know, kind of surprising, right? πŸ˜„ Sorry I haven’t posted much, this summer is SO hectic with traveling. I’ll be posting all of my summer posts that I took pictures for soon, so make sure to keep an eye on my blog!

Anyways, I have some exciting news! As soon as I fly back to Canada, I will be starting my school series! Well, there’s THIS post, but it wasn’t exactly continued, so…. yeah. I will be posting some of the following tutorials, fun finds, etc.:


-All school fun finds

-Art class photoshoot

-Class setup

-Harry Potter wands and quills, in case your dolls are planning to going to Hogwarts.πŸ˜„

I’m SO excited and I hope you are to! So, without further ado I’m excited to start

Forever Dolls Blog’s

School Series

That was dramatic.πŸ˜„


Background Via

P.S. Like my new sign-off?

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Why I’m Not Posting Much

Hello guys! Today, I don’t have much of a post for you. You may be wondering why I never post much. Well, I have an explanation.

Whenever I try to post a picture, something really weird happens. It says “Error occurred while uploading file”. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 tries, sometimes it never lets me post the picture at all. I usually need to restart the computer or wait a day. Sometimes even that doesn’t help.

If you know the solution or know someone who could help, PLEASE do tell me in the comment section. You can also send me an email at or DM me on Instagram at forever_dolls_blog . I REALLY need to know how to stop this!

Thank you!


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Victoria Day Weekend Part 2

Hi guys!!! I am REALLY excited for this post, so I’ll try to get the intro done quickly. As you may know, I went Armstrong for the weekend. I already posted a photostory, so now it’s time for a photo shoot-ish thing! Just so you know, these pictures were taken at Flat Lake.


The girls are ready to take some pictures!


Ivy’s wearing a Journey Girls tee that my brother got me for Christmas 2014, Springfield leggings, and a DIY backpack. Piper is wearing all Journey Girls. Both have Journey Girl sneakers and Our Generation cameras.










I LOVE this picture!



How did you get up there, Ivy?



My Mom’s friend , Iza, did Ivy’s hair. IT LOOKED SO CUTE!!!

That was really unorganized, but whatever! Hope you guys enjoyed this photoshoot!



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HUGE News!!!

HI! So,as the title says, I have HUGE news! Ready? Drum roll, please!


I got an Instagram for my blog!!!πŸ˜„

I really wanted more people to discover my blog, so I started an Instagram page for Forever Dolls! It’s called forever_dolls_blog, so if you have Instagram, make sure to let me know in the comments! Bye!


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Victoria Day Weekend Part 1

Hi guys! It’s me, Magda! How was your Victoria Day weekend? Mine was GREAT! If you read Ivy’s Digital Diary, you know that I went to Armstrong, Ontario for 3 days. It was SO much fun! I had enough time to take pictures for 1 photoshoot and 1 photostory. Today, I’ll be posting the photostory. So, enjoy!

Ivy’s POV


“Piper! C’mon!” I called impatiently as I stepped out onto the beach. “Coming!” called Piper as she ran towards me. We were so excited to spend the hot day by the lake.


“Wow!” Piper exclaimed when she caught up to me. “The beach looks amazing!” Piper was definitely right.


Sticks and logs were scattered over the hot, beige sand. The sun reflected on the deep,blue lake. A couple of people were carrying kayaks from their cars. A few more people were laughing in the water on the far end of the beach, but other than that, the beach was empty.


I sat my towel down of the sand and hopped on it. Piper put her towel beside mine. “It’s such a nice, warm day, don’t you think?” She said cheerfully. “We’re so lucky that we got to go to the beach today!” I nodded.


Since I was wearing my bathing suit under it, I pulled off my dress (Yes, I actually wore a dress!!!!).


Piper and I had fun sitting on our towels and chatting about schoolwork, summertime, and other things. I got a little bored of sitting after a while, though.


The lake is so pretty! I thought. I wonder what the water feels like. Maybe it’s cold like Lake Superior. I’m gonna go check! Then, I turned to Piper.


“Would you mind if I went for a swim?” I asked Piper.


“It’s fine with me!” Piper said. “Tell me how the water is, OK?” I smiled. “Sure!” I said as I jumped off my towel.


I quickly ran to the lake.


I stood at the lake and dipped my foot in. The water was cool, but not cold, and definitely not warm. It was the PERFECT temperature.


When I dived into the water, it splattered in the air. I swam for a while. Then, I walked onto shore.


When I got back to my towel, Piper sat up. “So, how’s the water?” she asked curiously. “Perfect!” I replied. “Then I’ll go for a short swim.” Piper decided.


She jumped into the water and began to swim. Piper is a GREAT swimmer. She actually sometimes signs up for competitive swimming. She has won 3 medals!


“Hey Ivy!” she called from the water. “Let’s play some beach ball!” I smiled. “Great idea!”


Piper stepped out of the water and quickly ran over to where I was standing with the beach ball.


Piper and I passed the beach ball to each other a couple of times. It was lots of fun!


Then, we sat down beside the water and talked. “Hey,” Piper said “Want to go on a walk?” I nodded. “Sure.”


We walked all the way down the beach and back.


When we came back, we enjoyed a picnic of sandwiches and fruit.


Mom even surprised us with ice cream! It was SO delicious! I had chocolate while Piper had vanilla.


We spent the rest of the day relaxing in the sun. We had SO much fun at the beach! I wonder if I could go there everyday…

I hope you guys enjoyed this short story! There should be a photoshoot from Armstrong up soon. Anyways, bye!


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